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How To Play Online Dominoes

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Domino Game Rules
Glossary of Domino Terms

Creating Your Membership

Create an account by clicking on the New Users Register Free button. The next screen will request your Official DominoChamp Name, email address, password and security question. Click the Submit Your Registration button and you are registered.

The Main Lobby
Inside of a Room
Screen shots of the lobby.

Playing at DominoChamp

Once you are registered, click the large PLAY NOW! button to open the game window. You will be prompted to enter an email and password. You are now in the Lobby and ready to play.

The Lobby

The lobby is the hub of DominoChamp. This is where you navigate to the different kinds of domino games you can play. The lobby contains the Competition and Tournament menus, room lists, table lists and player lists.

Competition Side

The Competition side is where players can play individual two or four player games. Players must have an All-Access Subcription Membership to enter the VIP Rooms.

To play, click on the type of game you'd like to play. For example, American Fives Up is the most popular game here. Next, click on an open room, like Room #1. You will then see a list of tables to the right. You can either go to a table by clicking on it or Create a New Table. Note, below the Room List you will see a list of players in the room you selected.

When you're at a table, click Sit Down and you will be placed in an empty seat.

The Tournament Brackets
Screen shot of the tournament bracket system.

The Game Table
Screen shot of the game table.

Tournament Side

The Tournament side is where players go to enter tournaments and win cash and prizes. In tournaments, players must win a series of games or be eliminated, until one player wins the last game. DominoChamp tournaments are run on a standard bracket system and are completely automated.

Game Table

The game table opens in a new window when one of four things occur. 1) You click on a table in the table list. 2) You click on Create a New Table. 3) You accept an invitation to join a table. And, 4) you are automatically seated at a new table during a tournament.

You must Sit Down to join the table. Once all of the seats are filled, the game will ask if everybody is ready. Click Ready. When everyone is ready, the game will start by allowing you to draw from the boneyard. Note: There is an Auto-Draw option (among others) at the left side of the table. You might have to hide the slide-out banner to see it.

Close the window at any time when you are finished playing. It is considered bad ettiquete to quit a game while it's in progress. You will be dinged with an Abandoned Game in your stats if you do. Players tend to avoid other players with high Abandoned Game numbers.

DominoChamp Ettiquete

We know that dominoes can get exciting. However, there is never a good excuse to be rude or use foul language. "He did it first," is not a valid reason. Read our Terms of Service to learn more about the consequences of poor behavior. Bottom line, pretend you're playing your mom. If you wouldn't say it to your mom, don't say it.


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